About Us

Alamotero is a full-service land survey company serving the greater Otero and Lincoln Counties in Southern New Mexico.  The original proprietors, under the name Burke and Associates, began operations in 1976 offering a full range of surveying expertise serving the construction and development industry, government and military sectors, real estate title companies and financial institutions. Virtually all survey records spanning the 43 year history of these resident surveyors and engineers, reside at the company’s headquarters in Alamogordo, NM.  That record legacy combined with a pro-active investment in people, equipment, integrity, and a deeply embedded bias of service distinguishes our company. Alamotero Land Surveys, PC was started by the late Klad Zimmerle in the early 90’s and was a staple of knowledge in the community until it was sold after Klad’s death. Under new ownership and the direction of Larry Sterling, NMPS, Alamotero is making steps to becoming a key resource for the city of Alamogordo and Otero County.